Games galore!
As one of the primary focal points for this bot, Orikivo Arcade is equipped to support game servers with multiple channel connections from anywhere on Discord.
A casual game where a group of players can test their wit with random knowledge.
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Manipulate the economy!
The casino is a manipulative facility commonly used to attract those in desperate need of Orite. While some games offer rewards never shown to a living soul, one must keep in mind the risks that may follow. Falling into debt is no laughing matter. By the way, come look at the growing assortment of fun machines!
A game mode that tops your luck off with a hint of strategy. Pave the way to profitable success!
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An original mode from which you have to guess when the timer is going to stop. For each successful tick, your wager is doubled!
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A twist on the 'give or take' approach that uses Orite instead. You have a random chance to receive blessings or dangerous curses.
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A common game mode that allows you to decide your method of betting from a wide variety of styles. You can determine your risk based on how you want to play!
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Other Features
These are the unsung heroes that help make Orikivo Arcade shine!
Orikivo Arcade has a wide range of mechanics that provide plenty of different ways for users to enjoy their experience!
Design yourself in any way you wish!
Alongside your base profile, you are also provided with a card showcase. Cards can be customized in plenty of ways, even to the point of redesigning the entire layout! Mix and match plenty of decorators to find your personal taste in design.
A world of collection awaits!
As a secondary feature, the economy system contains a variety of methods that you can utilize to gain profit or find useful items that can help you in the future! Likewise, you can trade or gift with other users to obtain materials that you might be missing or need. Expand your item catalog collection!
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A place to spend your hard-earned income.
As you grow on Orikivo Arcade, shops will become accessible to you. Each shop has a unique collection of items that can be purchased. On top of that, each shop restocks their items at the start of every new day! Make sure to check back often to see if they have anything you might enjoy.
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Gain bragging rights!
Orikivo Arcade keeps track of a large variety of stats, from your longest winning streak in a multiplayer game, all the way to your largest loss in a single casino activity! Prove yourself by showing your stats to others, or compare and see who does better!
Rise to the top.
As a place to prove your worth, there are five primary leaderboard sections available for monthly challenges: Income, Experience, Quests, Multiplayer, and Casino. In these categories reside the primary leader for each one, which will recieve a prize at the end of the month! Alongside those categories are custom leaderboards that can be viewed for any unique stat that Orikivo Arcade stores, which can be used for easy bragging rights.
Receive rewards for your efforts!
Also known as 'merits' on Orikivo Arcade, these provide a list of difficult tasks that anyone can choose to take up. Keep in mind that not every merit is shown! You might have to think outside of the box sometimes.
A short-term task with plenty of benefits.
As an expansion to merits, quests provide an extra layer of missions that can be worked on to give you more opportunities to earn Orite and experience! As you continue to complete quests and challenges, they begin to gradually increase in difficulty alongside reward output. Work hard and get paid for it!